A note before the beginning,

I would just like to introduce myself, My name is Justin Muller and you have probably guessed that by now. What you do not know is that I am 15 and raring to punch my way into the world with my pen – or laptop as commonly associated nowadays.

To keep the excitement for all those humans looking at this window by the world; I have posted an exclusive, juicy snippet of my book right here!


“…If I had not had the time to take a breath, I would have been dead – but my lungs were full as I remembered another time when I was in that situation. The sea was rough and the waves were high, a wall of water encased me like that time but I did not panic, the eerie calm made my life not thirsty and I survived the endless bombardment.

It reminded me of the fresh ocean breeze nearby the sun.

The sea foamed and spat nearby the sandy encroachment and I was there. I had a guest upon the strand and he walked over to me with a factious brow and features that did not appear certain. His eyes showed many colours, but none of them visible.

“Hello Edwin” said the man, he did not need to shout over the waves or the spray and the air shone with fatuitous contrast as the being moved across the earth.

The golden splendour of the man did take the earth’s competing but redundant cords and entwine them with his own. In comparison the eyes cannot yield a crisper image, if the simple eye can implicate such judgment.

My silence amused the man and he turned a hand away to the sun, and the sun shone again, but brighter.

“Why have you called me to this beach, Edwin? A child should never do this but a child is still the keeper of such a call. How and why did you?”

“Sir, I did not call you and I did not want to call you”

“But you did, and for that there is a reason. Your heart is heavy with death but you still do not know, this moment is still too soon for you and the world is calling…”

The man was up close and the eyes of the being I still cannot describe. They held layer upon layer as if six billion eyes were entwined as one.     

Silver clouds had covered the sun to allow us shade but I did not want it to, yet the clouds approached to block the heaven that called.

“You are puzzled by death, Edwin and it is heavy for you. May I take that strain from your load? In doing so the strain of the unknown might replace it, and crush you again by each syllable which I will utter and evermore these words will ring through your mind and the pit of your despair. Do you want these words Edwin?”

I was anxious for the sun to return, but that being halted the silver clouds by command.   

“Will I want to know? Will it give me peace?”

“That is a journey where each person must travel, and I cannot say that this road will be short, or thorny or give you peace as I have never travelled this road. All I can say, is that through my words will come acceptance, something which most people do not have the luck or disadvantage for. You have to decide now Edwin.”

The being was starting to walk away and the clouds stayed.

“Tell me” I exclaimed but the being still walked.

“You have to begin your journey, Edwin” The voice called back and I followed through the sand.

“You have seen death Edwin and you have glimpsed the life which you now indulge so carelessly.”

“Glimpsed, sir?”

“People think that they have seen life, but no-one living has ever seen it. No-one, Edwin. Only the dead have seen it. It is in that last second of life that we live. When we retrieve our faults and forgive them, when we see our enemies from in front of the rose tinted emotions. When we truly indulge in incomprehensible fear. It is in the very last act of death when we do not think with primitive self-preservation but resume the enclaves of the mind in soft sight, when we truly glimpse life Edwin. It is only when we die that life is shown, and for that, such a precious, precious divinity is wasted on our crude and simple minds. How we spend such treasure on war and cruel, bizarre selfish acts of stupidity.”  

I had been listening while the being talked and he entranced me with his words but I wanted to feel the sun again.

“You see Edwin, death is a way of acceptance. When a loved one dies, you only then appreciate and consider them through the charms and victories which their life held. It is only then that their flaws and life is truly elated and free. That person has now been enriched by the refined life which resides in our minds and by that we can say that they live on still. Their life has been accepted, and through acceptance we then have peace. Such silly pleasures of continuous joy and new memories are only small atomic diminutives to the drowning height and blaring music of the final receipt and treasure which a full life brings. When your life and death is accepted, then it is as if you have already died and heaven does not exist, except in the world which screams to you through its exquisite delicacies. And when you are finally tired, life rewards you with a beautiful dreamless sleep.”

“I’m still young! I don’t want to die, I want to live and dream again”

“Young one, because you have only begun to journey, you will have the longest walk ahead. Yet life to you may look short, but death brings peace to all. Life is not fair, but if you accept death, Edwin, then the desire for living will not be fearful, but pleasurable and your escape from demise will be as even as a game between friends. If you do stumble on your journey, then no fear will be there to make you stumble and no fear will be there to cloud your judgment.”

With this the being removed the silver clouds and the sunlight poured across me.

“Death will not be an easy road, but it is the least walked path which we are given to paradise.”

My face was in tears but the being walked on.

“Do not cry Edwin, we are all equal foes to death” “


That was just a small section of ‘The Glass Forest’ – tell me what you think!


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