Science – a subject complimented by writing


Science fiction is a very alive genre in today’s world; and also something very close to my heart. Science is one of those fields where the impossible becomes possible, and in quite unexpected ways. For the human entity to achieve consciousness is the very epic of science and writing, mixed together – this is the most powerful for human evolution.

I can read non-fiction books as long as they are science orientated. Each new fact can help you achieve a wider grasp in your perspective of the universe, each single layer of our world brings about dozens and dozens of new objects in scientific interest Рeven new fields.

To construct fiction – a world which depends on its correlation to our own – you will have to examine your current reality; so why not offer depth. You may not feel as if science is something interesting – but if you are a writer, investing in another layer of science can be as valuable as liquid gravity – so take a thought; and complement it with science!


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