Are books doomed?


In the age that we currently live in; the movie industry is far larger than that of the book industry. Will books die out?

What would you rather do? Read a book? Or watch a movie?

Although many author and book fanatics might go for the book – the rest of the world might not.

Essentially; movies and books are the same – conveying a message through a plot etc. but there are differences in my opinion.

A book allows the reader to truly immerse themselves in the protagonist’s mind and deep thoughts. This comes off natural when you are reading a book; as you indulge these thoughts quietly in the mind at your own pace.  A movie is slightly different in that it forces your mind to work differently; as if putting you in real life. This may come into benefit if you want to be immersed in action rather than thought!

Although the concept is the same; a book and a movie will always be different. It is then a matter (To satisfy this argument) of examining our social concepts and pathways. Will we want to read (or watch) more visually appealing themes or something more thought provoking?


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