Diaries of a troubled scientist – Chapter 1


The mind of a scientist is never still, and by nature’s science it was designed for it. Cars that drive by, it might spark an idea. I have learnt to move my attention towards a certain object, or task – and it becomes done by some divine will. Switzerland has a very calm atmosphere; and the particle accelerator was a good project to work on – it paid well, but that was only a trivial pursuit.

The science which was involved, astounded me. The height of my interest was the atom – and I had a direct portal into its ways, every scientist’s dream.

The letter was in my breast pocket, it felt right and was certainly good company to have on lonely, cold days. I had a lot of work to finish, but something had puzzled me the previous night; something was out of place. I had delayed my work for such anomaly, an inclusion in the data that I had to sort through. Something peculiar…

If I only knew what it was, the interest could calm – but the spotting of the unknown is the point of my task. When the two atoms collided, the individual elements were decaying with some sort of anomaly that only the advances in sensory equipment could detect. A bizarre stray of one, minute unit of atomic mass that previous tests had missed. Something was decaying into nothing – the law of conservation of energy certainly did not agree.   

My car rounded the street to the entrance of the facility, the guards knew me by my troubled face – they would always stop me if I did not have it.

We all liked a sense of order in our paths of work, and my colleagues parked directly next to me – curse them, why did they have to ruin my day so early. Their pricy saloons always glared at me – and warned of the unfairness. They were dim-witted, pests, blemishes against the huge feat of engineering that was the particle accelerator.

A knock on my window, they had been waiting for me to arrive.

“Let’s go, you’ve been keeping us here for hours” said a portly man wearing a tweed suit.

“There is nothing to keep you from going in-” I said, he was riled.

“Have you forgotten? If I do not go in with you, and they give me work – how am I meant to work? How?”

“Calm yourself” said another one, but I was calm. Oh yes, it was the day that I would make my discovery. It was the day that I would free myself, and I was even amused when they shared their hopelessly lost statements – my discovery. I would discover that, which would make my name shine through the history books – it was my time.

I patted the letter in my breast pocket. I would do my father proud, and I would finally be grateful of his letter to me.

Read more in my next post or see my prologuehttps://justinmullerbooks.wordpress.com/2013/08/16/the-diaries-of-a-troubled-scientist-a-short-story/


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