When I stare upon the stars right next to me, what do I feel?

The warmth has faded when the stars die, and in their place, darkness forms.

I am a wanderer. Who knows if I am a star myself, but the darkness which feeds off the falling light will finally chase after me.

When I stare into darkness, what do I feel? Do I feel as if there is nothing at all? I do not know.

My previous brethren had once been in the dark, do they linger on by the darkness, do they still cast their light to another place?

Do they try to reach me by bending the light in such a way, but I am too blind to see what they are trying to do. Mine still burns when theirs have faded.

Do they watch me as I burn through the chasms of the celestial dust, do they search for me by the rocketing clouds. The light still calls me to spot, but darkness fills its place.

Will I ever know? I have no clue,

But through the dark comes a further blue.

A blue so rich it fills my veins, with the plasma of all celestial rains.

Be my sight, my brethren – for I will join you in the dark.

And we will rain upon the lesser stars,

For eternity.


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