A writer’s Inspiration

A writer’s nightmare is distractions. Ask me, the writing of a sentence can become a half hour stare out the window – yet distractions can become inspiration.

Choosing when to stop looking out of the window can be a tricky business – as the cat that might pop out from behind a hedge could give you the idea that would dissolve the walls blocking your sight from the end of the plot. Sometimes your half hour is wasted.

The channels of thought shall be the biggest inspiration for me. If you close your eyes, there is enough information that your brain has soaked up through the years to give you a world of inspiration – you just have to explore it.

Think about a certain thing, and let your mind work on that. After a while, you might want to question the scene. What is in the background? What is that falling to the floor? Chances are that the mind will explore itself and all you have to do is observe.

Unfortunately, this relies on the fact that our brains have soaked up this information, and there is a whole ocean for your mind to soak into. Regular top ups of our world is required for an author but as a quill off the tongue writing moment , the humble brain is the most powerful resource that you have available – so use it!


One thought on “A writer’s Inspiration

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