The Science of Life

Tree Silhouette Against Starry Night Sky

We admire time with a certain wonder, as it is the property of space that makes us mortal, and grips our lives in the most dramatic way. To understand how it influences our lives, we require a more profound scientific understanding.

Regarding time, or an event, it is the fourth dimension of Minkowski space. It is woven into the very fabric of the universe. Without time we would have no velocity and so without velocity we would not have time; the same applies with our current life. Without time and thus velocity (classical velocity being the measure of length compared to time; our hypothetical velocity being the measure of events compared with time) we would have no life – but with time and velocity, our life is limited. This paradox appears much in our life.

Now surely, now cursed with mortality, we would want to live the fullest life possible – and we have a lot of time to work with- another problem arises.

The time taken for the observer to traverse life will be unlimited if not hindered by the slowness of our presumed biological processes, and since we cannot escape our biology we will just have to change that.

How? Do you ask. And I reply.

Our mind is something which applies to completely different rules of physics – as what we experience is interpreted into something quite different to our actual reality.

It is as if we live in a parallel universe. We might perceive reality and think that we live it, but in actual fact we are not truly part of the universe. To fully understand this, you need to consider the meaning of ‘We’.

If I ask you politely: “What are ‘You’”, you would probably reply, if you were scientifically orientated, “I am a collection of matter which constitutes the organism called homo sapiens in the binomial system of classification” but that, in my opinion, would be incorrect in a certain context.

If you are addressing the actual system of consciousness that you inhibit and name ‘conscious’ then you are describing the fantastic and bizarre hypothetical system which people do often merge with the means to produce such a system. In effect, our conscious can be described in ways as a parallel universe or duplication of our real universe. Dreaming is one way of truly experiencing this world. It creates a duplication, sometimes very vivid, that simulates what has taken billions of years to create.

The human dynamic is very perplexing to think, but our life is not limited to the constraining time variable that has always troubled human beings. It lives beside that world, and events within such a world can achieve much greater hypothetical velocities – and thus extend time.

In order to delve within this world, it is as simple as forgetting your reality and searching  your mind (As I have often said but never emboldened). If you were to stay in that state forever, your life would be (in theory) much longer. Yet our dreams still rely on experience and this therapy is best served with life 🙂

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