Fifteen Year Old Author


At fifteen, to write a book is a challenge, but an excitement all the same.

The book itself has given me many, many days of thought – and for that I can only be grateful. My creation has always stirred what was waiting for me to send  out. Now since it is nearly published, a brief word here is what I needed to quench.

In my home town there has been a general buzz as well. People now know me and I feel like a celebrity. After my first interview I could not believe what was happening, people always ask if I can move my publish date up so that they can read the entire book. Some have already asked to get my book directly from me!

I will be sharing the picture of my cover and the blurb of my book very shortly, but in the meantime I can only tell you that my book ‘The Glass Forest’ which I have written will very shortly be known.




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