Free Kindle Book sale!

The Glass Forest has just been released, and to celebrate, we are giving copies away for free on Amazon Kindle!

To grab your copy, visit:

Be quick, the sale only lasts Saturday and Sunday.

A small town is on the verge of anarchy with the unsolved attacks that keep
recurring, but a young man is determined to change it.
The mysterious forest
that was previously ignored, soon becomes the prime suspect.

was lurking in the shadows that nothing could explain, it only took a child to
unravel the chaos.

Two secret societies obscured from the world by the
solemn forest, and a forever continuing war costing the lives of generations has
spilt onto the outside. When the young man is thrown into the midst of conflict
– a world of cultured humanity, love, and adventure emerges to him.
Yet the secret is struggling to remain hidden, and the two ancient societies are starting to collapse. What was once the source of his nightmares; becomes the source of his greatest love and passion. He is soon torn between the safety of his own life – and that of his new people.

This heart stopping,
mysterious adventure will make you question what fear really means in
Justin Muller’s much anticipated novel.

A tale of life, love – and war.


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