Meet The Fifteen Year Old Author

I was mainly inspired to write ‘The Glass Forest’ when my fingers were playing around with my first ever book (something that extended beyond ten pages). It was nothing major, only a piece of creative writing that I had to complete for my English class, but as I sat down to write, my mind fell in love with the characters I had created and it felt unfair to just leave them to die on the page – that turned out being very, very long.

I couldn’t stop writing, and the more I wrote, the more Confidence grew and I finally finished my first – short – novel. It was only 40,000 words but then again, for me it was an achievement.

That is to say that my –short – novel, did not turn out to be that, short. Initially my goal was 45000 words, but that soon became a bit of a problem. After I had hovered over 40000 words, my ideas did not stop and I finally knew that 45000 words was a huge underestimation. The book, after some blood, sweat and lots of laughs finally became published, ending up at around 95000 words (2.1 times bigger).

I have to say that I was sad when I finished the book. Although it seems bizarre, it felt right to write in the world I created; but, my comfort – there are more worlds out there to explore.”

The Glass Forest is free on Amazon Kindle for the 12th and 13th of October (today and tomorrow), so grab your copy by going to:

or visit my website:


One thought on “Meet The Fifteen Year Old Author

  1. Someone once said (cannot remember who) that getting to the end of your first novel is like taking your child outside and shooting it. It sounded a bit extreme to me until I finished my first and then I could relate to it – That feeling of… ‘finished? It can’t be… but it is.’ 🙂
    Well done and keep writing.

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