Well, I would love to tell you first that I am fifteen (I am by the way) but that wouldn’t be a good way to start. I am an author, take me by my writings and assess me just as well. Would you decide that I am a young author or a more experienced author? That is for your discretion.

I grew up in leafy suburbs near Durban, South Africa where I fell in love with writing. It was partly inspired by my grandmother who, by coincidence, was also a book enthusiast.

Love of science and all things aspirational – which includes writing – were the centrepiece of discussion. The house was always abuzz with the usual verbal caricatures of the imagination, and this was my inspiration for writing.

It started off young, at school; writing for me was the only place where I could lose myself to the verge of the field and that is what I loved best.

Over time, my pieces grew longer and more in depth, more centred and more focused. They were no longer literary scribbles; they embedded emotions and characters and complexity! What could not be more intriguing than the exploration of your own mind – and believe me, the pen is a thorough tool for exposing this.

As the years began to toll; a novel seemed to be the ultimate aspiration. Being a child, the subject of this illusive novel was one of the subjects which annoyed me the most. A human being is a human being, no matter how old he/she is and the implicit instructions and preparations which our older generations give us are sometimes not fair! A novel was definitely achievable, and probably achievable to anyone who has the right passion, and it gives you a start.

My life has been very short, so this page cannot be filled with much; yet more awaits you in my book ‘The Glass Forest’ where hidden secrets do not stay hidden forever.


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