The Glass Forest


After a series of arson attacks, a young man is growing scared and impatient. The attacks have plagued the town ever since his grandfather was alive, even so, the attackers cannot be brought to justice. Something was suspicious. Very soon the unexplored mystery forest next to him creates the impression that something is there. Something is lurking in the dark that no-one can quite explain.

What Edwin finds in that forest will haunt the very flame that kindles the life between the soul. The strangest thing of all, is that those men who through the centuries have wandered into the forest will not want to escape, but weep to see the sight once more with the greatest of passions.

This heart stopping mysterious adventure will make you question what fear really means in-between the intensity of deceit, life, love – and war.


My book is nearly out, and for all those who have been waiting – the wait is finally over. Within days, ‘The Glass Forest’ will appear on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Smashwords.

Keep watching! I will post again when it is out.